Help with trying to restore Gateway Windows Vista to factory default

By xanimefanx
Feb 28, 2009
  1. I got a computer with windows vista and it is a gateway. The computer came with no CDs/DVDs, and I want to restore vista to its factory default to where you set it all up again, I have updated vista and installed a bunch of programs so I'm a bit worried it won't work, Not only that but gateway said its a good idea to back it up right away when you first load the computer (had no discs at the time).

    So can I restore to default factory?, it wont ask me to insert discs I don't have, will it?

    Because I seriously DO NOT feel like backing up 7gigabytes as opposed to 4gigabytes as it could've backed up to a disc on the factory default.
    Or losing my computer completely because I have 0 discs, In the case I need any during restoring to factory default

    And another thing it only allows you to back up vista to a disc ONCE just like with XP. (but i want to back it up at default)

    Some help here please?
  2. Sharam

    Sharam TS Rookie Posts: 509

    Are you trying to restore so you can back up less GB?

    Since we don't know you GW2K model we have to guess that there is a Recovery Partition on your hard drive that you can access by pressing certain Function key to start recovery to factory default or there might be a Gateway program in the "All Programs" to initiate the recovery from within Windows.

    If there is a Recovery Partition, it will not ask for any CDs or DVDs.

    In Vista:

    Right click on "My Computer"
    Select "Manage"
    In the left window select "Disk Management"

    If there are any "hidden" Recovery partition /s with no drive letter, it will show in the main window.

    EDIT: The Recovery program, does not care what you have added or taken off the Windows installation.
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