Help with unknown file process in task manager

By din bæsj
Jul 6, 2008
  1. I've seem to have gotten this unknown process called "ntv32.exe"
    With it running it shuts off my task manager right after I open it, even regedit

    Now I finally terminated it running cmd using the command taskkill and now I can open regedit and taskmanager without it closing a second after.

    I can't come across any information on this process and ran a virus scan using Kaspersky and a Hijackthis log doesn't detect anything. I can't even find it in my windows system folder.

    Someone help me get rid of this evil thing!
  2. samxt

    samxt TS Rookie

    Maybe one of these progrms can help you sort it out mate.

    or this one,

    they're freee too. Just add http in front of them, no www
    Good luck!
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