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By stryfestryfe
Dec 29, 2006
  1. I have a wireless connection that we receive from our landlord upstairs. we are living in a basement suite right now.

    The connection has recently started to drop at random times. It is PISSING.

    The signal strength varies from bad to very good, bust mostly fluctuates around good to very good.

    I am using a D-link WUA-1340. I do not know what kind of router they use upstairs. My question is there anything I can do on my end to help out the stability of the connection? (I've tried physically moving it around already)
    Should I change to a wireless card that fits inside the computer?
    Thanks in advance.
  2. fastco

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  3. jobeard

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    I have the D-Link DWL-G810 and it works fine -- just be sure to update the
    firmware while hardwired to it.
  4. tipstir

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    The only way to fix this problem is to have the landlord place access point through the house or building. Another problem you have, you're in the basements and that's not really a good place receive wi-fi from. Unless you can find a clear spot noise free..
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    yes basements almost always consist of a cement layer around it. that layer of wall can be too difficult for the wireless to get thru. any dense objects in the way can disrubt the signal. your best bet is to get an access point in the basement
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