hewlett packard: cables everywhere

By towndromatt
Feb 18, 2007
  1. hi all any one have any idea where to find the pinout fotr the vga conection on a hp 1502 tft monitor.
    regards matt
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  3. towndromatt

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    cheers for the link.
    got given the monitor but the d-sub ( dont think it was a dvi)
    had been cut off and lost. i have got my head around that end, but i cant find out the connection sequence to control board (has about 11 pins in a single row). the wire colours in the cable end are pretty smilar to a vga i hacked up with the execption of a few inluding three shields.

    mates eh!! they do something nice for you and you spend the week pulling your hair out trying to get it to work.

    cheers matt
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