High Ping for no reason

By james_k1988
Jun 17, 2005
  1. Right first thing, check out this otehr thread i put up, its mentions what problem i;m having

    and as i said its only since i got those files my pings flew up. Now i deleted them but now my pings just all over the place. Last night it was settleing around 40-55 which is alot better, but today it was jumping from 50 - 110 :confused: Nothing special is running in my task manager (nothing new neways , cept something called " SDCMP.exe " but even after stopping it my pings still unpredictable) And my cpu usage,if i leave it, still goes down to 0%. Someone mentioend in that thread about contacting my ISP and asking if they'll change/renew my ip, but my only worry with that is that they might get suspicious of downloading, any ideas anyone?

    p.s. ive scanned for spyware,adware,virus' and hijackers
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