High ping for three days

By TechGamer
Aug 19, 2012
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  1. Apperantly this is probably some problem from our router which the company gave us apperantly its Outdated but if it was wouldnt it been doing this ages ago so it couldnt be malware because I scanned the whole system and the problems I had I deleted them all but can really problems in the company cause 24/7 high ping and bad internet
  2. Bobbye

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    You will probably get more help if you give more information.

    Right now, this is about it:
    Are you referring to gaming?
    What is you 'high ping' number?
    There can be a bottleneck between the router and the ISP, outside of your network.
  3. TechGamer

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    well I talked to the isp apperantly the router was out of date and they gave me a new one nothing happened now a technichian shouldcome fix it but really what is the bloody problem its not like its real from our side because ive had this internet for almost 6 months now and no bloody problem and now because its always problems in the summer apperantly I get constant 2000ms ping and a bloody 25kb/s download what a joke I belive its probably from our internet line tho idk what else to think + it couldnt be a bottleneck because were using their own given router thats probably why so much bullsht..
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    Is your wireless internet secure. Way back in the day I had my neighbors using my internet to download bittorrent files without my permission. My latency was HUGE until I kicked them off my wireless and set up a nice pass phrase. How many computers do you have connected to your internet service? Is anybody running a bittorrent client? Do you have cable or DSL? What bandwidth are you expecting?
  5. TechGamer

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    first of all my internet is already password protected secondly I belive it could be the companys own problem I usualy get 500kbps they should be sending a technichian tommorow but I dont know rly what is the problem thats what I want to know what makes high ping sht download speed. and is not from neighbors or malware-(Blame the company )
  6. TechGamer

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    problem fixed and it seems the company still uses copper wires going to change to fibre soon (about time)

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