Hijack this log from an old person computer

By firetrole
Aug 14, 2009
  1. Dont know much about his problem but I-net won't work his browser seems like it is off line using dsl . anyways here is his log from his p.c.

    Also what ever that is on his p.c infected my portable hard drive
    with something called c/resyled.boot it would not let me double clik on my icon the only way i could view the files was to right clik on explore then view files
    but I fixed that problem using disk heal ...
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    You are going to need the 3 logs after running the programs. Her is also going to need to reset the router. We are sort of malware help here but you can get help here: Virus and Malware Removal.

    He has at least a DNS Changer infection which will require the resetting of the router along with the malware cleaning..
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    new update

    I called the guy on the phone and had him run all of the 8 step
    he said he couldn't find the last log or where to fing the log but anyways he claimed it had 120 problems on the malware bytes and alot on the other he accidently hit the button to clean them so he did it twice and all problems were gone then he ran the hi jack this log again . his computer will still not go on the internet but i can access the web on my laptop from his wireless router and surf the web
    I think I need to just bring his p.c. home so I can work on the problem faster anyways there are the new logs
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    Third party help is very difficult. It requires going back and forth to give instructions and ask questions. There is no one available here to help at this time. But the system is not in good shape. When Malwarebytes was run, it had not been checked to remove what it found- which was a multitude of malware. So none of it was remove.

    And as I previously told you, the router is going to have to be reset. If you would like to pursue a cleaning, since we are temporarily out of helpers, you can try this Virus and Malware Removal site.
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