HiJackThis - What's Good, What's Bad?

By EthanR
Sep 12, 2008
  1. Alright well I think I have a virus because i have tried all other methods to fix my Automatic updates problem but none worked, even the ones from MS Support.

    So... I heard that some vundo thing causes this problem. Windows Live One Care detects no virus, or whatever but I don't believe it. So I did a HiJackThis scan and i have no idea if I have a virus or not.

    So Please Help me Read the Scan
    (Attached below)


    OFF TOPIC:: Whats with the "Do NOT CAPITALIZE your words." kind of a weird rule. Is It Really Bad When You Type Like This? XD
  2. sabah08

    sabah08 TS Rookie

    I am Sabah.So pleasehelp me read the scan[attached files]
  3. rf6647

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