home built pc compatibility conundrum with xp media edition OEM's

By udoshia
Aug 29, 2005
  1. If I buy Tv tuner card from EVGA or wherever would my pc benefit from windows xp media edition. All I can get is OEM and My copy of xp pro is a OEM dell with service pack 1 and it is ancient so.............time to purchase a OS. I mostly do photoshop, games and music. Micrisoft Office is used often also.
    I have
    always on cable connection
    d link modem
    tv cable with set top boxed
    hooked up to my sound card I have dolby surround sound receiver and bose "accoustimass 7" speakers and seperate rear
    gigabyte K8NS 939 ULTRA
    AMD 64 3500
    GeForce 6800 ultra 256
    Creative audigy 2
    2 gb ballistx (crucial)
    2 raptors 74 gb ea
    antec 550 power supply
    Pioneer dvd cd rw
    creative jukebox c mp3 player
    not on PC
    a Sony DVD player and recorder in my house
    another Harman Kardon 430 receiver that runs speakers in 3 rooms of my house
    x box connected to den TV
    4 TV's
    can all this some how be incorporated?
    I ordered the OS Cd with remote but am having second thoughts mostly because of input from friends who say it is a bad idea (no real reason why except hardware compatability)
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