How about HTC Flyer for movie playback?

By suightc1
May 23, 2011
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  1. How about HTC Flyer for movie playback?

    So finally we see the first HTC tablet on the market, the HTC Flyer a new version of HTC Sense with dual-pane windows for things like video, contacts and mail. The 7.7” HTC tablet looks slick on the outside- this is not surprising, since HTC has a good track record when it comes to user-interface design。
    Despite developing tablets is a big gamble for the world’s smartphone manufacturers this year, HTC is stepping further out on a limb with a tablet that is considerably different from the rest. Rather than taking the safe and perhaps cheap route of using Google’s new Honeycomb tablet operating system, HTC has redeveloped its Sense user experience for a larger tablet display to overlay the latest Android smartphone system, Gingerbread.

    What we are interested in is HD video playback on HTC Flyer since its official site said this tablet would perform great in visual and acoustical experience.Impressed with the multimedia experience on HTC Flyer,i wonder how about playing HD movies on HTC Flyer? How to put my Blu-ray movies on HTC Flyer for playback ? What'sthe best format for HTC Flyer?Use Pavtube Blu-ray ripper and Follow this short guide to quickly convert Blu-rays to HTC Flyer supported format and watch Blu-ray/DVD movies on HTC Player. You can easily download Blu-rays to HTC Flyer Converter and try it out by yourself.

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