How can 288mb of cheap pc133 outperform 2gb of new stuff

By maddmatt02
Jan 16, 2009
  1. ok, I got a computer from about 98. it is a PIII 733, and i had 128mb ram. 2 64 sticks. and I upgraded and bought 256mb, 2 128 sticks. and my moms computer had 64, 2x32.. so I gave her my 128, put in the 256 and had an open slot so I put in one of the 32mb chips.

    I just got a compaq laptop, nothing fancy, but it has 2gb of ram, not sure what type though.

    I have this performance test 6.1 that I ran on both, and the cpu test of course my laptop whopoped this PIII, in some cases its a 300% improvement.

    graphics my laptop loses but i figured as much since i have a real card in the pc.

    but memory, some of the tests my laptop gets beat, allocate small block and read cached it beats my laptop, its pretty close though, and then in the read uncached and write tests my laptop is about 100% faster, and then large RAM test my laptop is 1500% faster.

    also on the hard drive tests, sequential read, sequential write, and random seek and RW all 3 my 60 gig WD IDE ata133 beat my 160 gig sata. how does this happen? is it the size of the drive and if my ata133 was a 160 gig it would lose?
  2. raybay

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    What is your operatihg system? What is the BUS speed? What is the speed of your hard drive? How much free space do you have on that hard drive. What other information is stored on those hard drives?
  3. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    You do realize that latency increases as the memory frequency increases? This is reason for the high performance in the small block read and write tests, since older memory tends to have lower latencies than most new DDR2 RAM, which is most likely the type in your laptop.

    Oh christ. I can just imagine Tha General drooling at the mention of this...
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