How can data saved in iPhone can be secured?

  1. iPhone is not the safest of the devices but certainly one of the most used devices. In the modern era smartphones are also used as a mobile data backup. As these phone can perform almost like a computer, many of the important folders are saved in iPhone. As research suggest iPhone is one of the basic sources of data loss. How can that data can be secured? Any suggestions?
  2. jobeard

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    Several issues re cell phone security & privacy:
    1. secure communications (both voice & text)
    2. encrypted cell phone content (eg contacts, documents, presentations)
    3. usage locking (eg passwords)
    4. Find My Phone after it's lost or stolen (iPhone app, WinPhone, Android)
    5. Remote Lock and Wipe

    (1) is addressed in this article.

    (2) has limited support and is discussed here for Andriods. Personally imo, encryption which is tied directly to the logon password is brain dead and so is total content encryption. Not everything stored there needs to be protected and doing so can impact performance and other procedural tasks (backup encrypted files??). Here's another How-To on the subject.
  3. Nobina

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    Maybe make a backup of those important folders on a flash drive, PC, CD/DVD?
  4. jobeard

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    Hmm; The question was security (ie controlling access) and not how to preserve the content (ie backups).

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