How can I know when a webpage was written or last updated?

By rodion15
Aug 5, 2015
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  1. Sometimes when I read articles there's no date to be seen and Google doesn't always show the date. Is there some way to learn when the webpage was last updated?.
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    Unless the site makes an effort to care that information has a natural property of time, it most often is not available. Once in a while the page source can carry a META tag
  4. rodion15

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    Internet Archive
    Although this site will not give you an exact modified date, it should give you a general idea. Also, it allows you to view the history of a page, even if it is offline. Visit the Internet Archive, and then enter the URL of the page in question into their search bar.
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    That will report the archive date, not the last modification date for the page. The really hard ones are pages dynamically generated by the server.

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