How do I find out what CPU I have if the computer doesn't run?

By RetardSix
Feb 21, 2011
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  1. So I broke a pin on my CPU prolly not the most unheard of thing, as a result I can't figure out what kind of processor I have. The twist to my situation that google can't help with is that my motherboard is an ABIT AN932X (non fatality) all the support for the non fatality board appears to be gone or so buried I cant find the boards supported CPU's. So either I need help finding out what kind of CPU i have or what kind of CPU i can get any and all help is appreciated.
  2. Codisha

    Codisha TS Member Posts: 66

    did you look directly on the CPU?
    there should some helpful information like a serial number, stepping, etc
  3. RetardSix

    RetardSix TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Actually by chance the chip came off the bottom didnt know it could do that and I found out I have an Athlon 64x2.
  4. Codisha

    Codisha TS Member Posts: 66

    is there a number behind the x2? like 4200 or 4400 or something like that?
    or do you remember at what MHz it was running?
  5. IPJKL4

    IPJKL4 TS Rookie

    check the name from the panel...

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