How do I move a retail version of of xp from one computer to a new computer

By bob2006ty
Aug 14, 2009
  1. Hi, I'm currently building my own new computer, from an article I read in xp magazine.

    I have an old computer with a retail version of xp on it, I have the product key (got from inside computer, it is not oem, definately retail (can tell by the key)), I can't find the original boxed disc, I know I have it somewhere but can't find it. Is there a way to transfer xp to the new computer without the disc? If possible I would not like to transfer my old computer's hard drive into the new pc as I have bought a new one, is there some way to make my own disc or something to reinstall xp on the new computer? As I have xp installed?

    I really need to know how to get xp on my new computer, without using the old computer's hard drive in the new computer, I heard it was possible to make your own disc, but have no idea how. I can build it fine, but as to moving xp onto it I am completely helpless.

    Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated, thanks for your time.
  2. gguerra

    gguerra TS Maniac Posts: 317

    You can clone the old hard drive to the new using Drive Image, Ghost or similar software. Before you do make sure your IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers are set to Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller or it will probably not work. You may have to re-activate XP but that is no big deal. You can do it over the internet or over the phone.
  3. bob2006ty

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    thanks ever so much for the reply, i never thought of cloning the drive, but how do I ensure that it is set to dual channel?
  4. gguerra

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    Device Manager, IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers, Then for all proprietary controllers (i.e. Intel or whatever you use) right click, update driver, No not at this time, Install from list or specific location, Dont Search I will choose the driver, Standard Dual Channel PCi IDE Controller, Next Then repeat for any other entries

    After you boot up the drive on the new PC you will have to install drivers for VGA, ethernet etc.

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  5. bob2006ty

    bob2006ty TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 48


    Cheers that's what I wanted to know. You saved me a lot of time and hassle, thanks very very much.
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