How do I post a Powerpoint slide show on a web site?

By Acemoose
Aug 17, 2010
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  1. I am creating a web site for someone. She sent me a CD with a Powerpoint Slide Show on it-- I need to add music to the Slide Show and I also need to post this musical slide show to a web page I have created for her. How do I go about doing this?
  2. SNGX1275

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    I was with you up until the sound part.. not sure if that will work easily. You could try the simple method though of just going to the menu and selecting save as, then going to "other formats" and selecting Web Page html. Might do it with sound, I don't have a powerpoint with sound to try though.
  3. techsuitor

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    Yup! SNGX1275 is correct Follow it and then publish your presentation. You can see the publish button when you are in the procedure.

    But I can see that this is not what you really want. Inserting of your ppt. on a web page is what you are asking for.

    You can insert your ppt. on web page by using : <a href="your ppt location. E.g. (C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\musical.ppt) inside this quotation marks"></a>

    ..Hope it helps.
  4. Acemoose

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    Great answers! Thanks-- I will try this and report back!!
  5. jobeard

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    That works ONLY for the PC which contains the PPT. Hopefully it is understood that
    • the PPT should be saved as a PPS
      This allows anyone to access the Show with the PowerPoint Viewer; recall that not everyone has a copy of PowerPoint and that there are other platforms (Linux & Mac) which might access the site.

    • the PPS needs to be uploaded to the webserver
      typically with FTP or a GUI interface provided by the webhosing solution AND
      to the correct location under the /htdocs/ subdir

    • and the url needs to be relative to the webserver domain name
      If the domain url is then there are two valid forms of the
      url for the PPS(*)
    (*) The issue is from (b); where it is stored.
    If stored at /htdocs/xxx.pps, the url can be an absolute url (the kind you see in an email)
    http: //
    and the link from one page on the site could read
    <a href="">My PowerPoint Presentation</a>
    or use a relative link like
    <a href="[B]/xxx.pps[/B]">My PowerPoint Presentation</a>
    the /xxx.pps says Look in the htdocs directory.

    If the upload was to a subdir to /htdocs, say /htdocs/presentations/ then just insert
    /presentations prior to /xxx.pps everywhere shown
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    Exactly! Thanks jobeard.. :)
  7. Acemoose

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    More food for thought -- thanks much.
    I'll let you folks know when it's been sucessfully posted.
  8. techsuitor

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    Sure.. 'cause this forum is for helping purposes . :)

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