How do I save data from old laptop?

  1. Hello Everyone,
    A few month's ago my old laptop gave up the ghost and so I asked the local computer geek to take out the hard drive and memory sticks. I thought that was how to save all my "stuff", and he tech did not say otherwise, so I hope I did the right thing?
    Anyway, while I wait until I can afford to get a new is my question:...Can I go to a computer store and have all that data put on a CD? Then when I get my laptop I can just transfer the data?
    Thank you.t
  2. Buckshot420

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  3. Doctor Gallop

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    Thank you for the info Buckshot420....but I am as ignorant as they come when it comes to computer stuff.
    If I bought that equipment I would not know what to do with it.
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    This can be costly to have somebody to do the work safely... You surely have friends familiar with shops of technicians or experienced hobbyists who can do this work.

    Is the saved data on a hard drive stored away, or on a DVD disk, or a set of CD disks"?

    This should be fairly simple and quickly done by an experienced person. But you want the person to have the proper equipment, and to be skilled in saving data without ruining what you have. Thus, I would want to know what it costs to save the data, and decide what that is worth to you.

    We can better advise you once we know how and where the data and files were stored... and by whom.
  5. Doctor Gallop

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    Hello Rabay,
    When my old laptop died...I asked one of the locals to take out the hard drive and the two memory sticks, [believing that was what I should do]...And so that is what I have.
    My question is...since I do not have a new laptop just there a way I can have all the data from the hard drive and/or memory sticks transfered /burned to a I can use the data on any computer...until I buy a new laptop?
  6. raybay

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    Were it mine, I would take the hard drive out, put it in an external enclosure.
    When you have a new computer, you plug the USB cable from the external inclosure into your computer, and copy your old files to the new computer.... then you still have a copy on the old enclosure and a copy with which you can work on the new computer.
    External enclosures normally run from $17 to $35, and generally work very well... Just keep yours in a very safe place, where you can remember to find it when needed.
    If your new computer has a C:\ drive, it will likely "recognise" the old drive in the enclosure as a D:\ drive or whatever drive label you give it.

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