How do I send my adverising without hacking off my isp?

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    Hey... Im not an ***** but felt pretty stupid when my isp temporarily disconnected me for sending mass email.. I was in compliance with federal and statre laws but my isp has a strict no spam policy even though I was right. I have software that I can use to send the ads out and I have an smtp program. But I wondered if I configure my emailer to use an internet mail account like from hushmail or someplace free it shouldnt hack off my isp should it? They only stated that I cannot use their email address for reply and couldnt allow my ip address to be seen.. So is there a way to do this. I absolutely want to be legal. But I also want to be effective. I have all the software necessary, including additional firewalls wich arent currently installed that have stealth mode. Any ideas?
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    I don't think you'll get any help here at all. We don't really have a very high opinion of people with your kind of activity around here. Make it easy for yourself & look for such information elsewhere.
  3. Spike

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    I'd probably agree with that...
  4. RealBlackStuff

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    No room for bleedin' spammers in this inn!
  5. IronDuke

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    Here here. All has been said.

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