How do you get files from a hard drive??

By vegasgmc
Nov 30, 2003
  1. I have a friend whos computer dual boots 2000 and 98. He was having problems with 2000 so he did a reinstall. The computer gives error messages during start up of 2000 and it wont finish. Now when he goes into 98 the 2000 partition isnt showing up. I thought he could just drag his important stuff from 2000 into 98 and just reformat that partition and do a reinstall but no go. Is tere any way to pull those files like his mp3's? Thanks
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    you won't see the Windows 2000 partition number windows 98, because its formatted with NTFS, and Windows 98 can only read FAT, FAT32.

    The reinstallation probably formatted the Windows 2000 partition with NTFS, in that case any important data that was on there is now lost.

    If it did not format, and you are sure of this, you could boot up from the Windows 2000 CD, choose repair, enter the recovery console and copy the files from one partition to the other using the copy command. Help gives you help on commands in the console.
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    Thanks. I built that computer for him and I used FAT32 instead of NTFS just so the 2000 partition would be visible. He says when he reinstalled he chose upgrade which is what I always doo. Even with problems during the install the partition has never disappeared like that. I'll try RC and see if I can copy the files.
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