How do you restore your BIOS with no screen?

By Xclusiveitalian
Jun 10, 2011
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  1. I recently preformed a Bios update to my old laptop (HP pavilion 6604nr) using one under HP's site under my model. I turned away for alittle while, while it flashed and when I turned back the screen was black. Upon restarting the screen will not display an image. I do hear windows start up. I think I might need to preform a Bios reset/restore, but i'm not sure. Any ideas, maybe im wrong? It was working fine, i had just installed windows 7 on it (ubuntu was on it before) I was testing it out.
  2. Mark56

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  3. Xclusiveitalian

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    Thanks for the link, I tried it but the laptop makes an extremely loud beep noise when I do it, and it just keeps repeating until I power it down.

    I have this feeling this laptop is bricked which is a shame since I use it for college.

    Do you think I can take my hard drive out of my old laptop(hp pavilion 6604nr) and put it into my newer laptop (HP Pavilion dv7-1285dx) ? My newer laptop has a 2nd open space for a hard drive maybe I can fit it in and reformat it?
  4. Mark56

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    That's the danger of flashing the bios.

    And yes, the drive should be fine in another PC as long as it is the same type, IDE or SATA, they are not interchangeable. If it's not the right one then you can use a USB adaptor to transfer all the important documents.
  5. Xclusiveitalian

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    Yeah this thing is dead =( it's so sad to because I hear windows start up and everything! It's like it's right there but I can't see it! I'm probably going to salvage what I can and throw the rest out.
  6. Mark56

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    Well, it might be a shot in the dark, but if it sounds like it is booting normally try plugging it into an external monitor. I doubt this will work though.

    As this is an older machine it may be worth looking on ebay for a second hand board.
  7. Xclusiveitalian

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    I tried it but sadly it doesn't show anything
  8. Mark56

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    OK, the only other possibility is that you may be fortunate enough to have a plug in (as opposed to soldered) Bios chip. If that is the case you could replace it if you can get a new one. You will have to strip the machine to locate the chip on the mobo. If it is removable it will be the only one that is. A skilled technician may be able to solder a new one in place but the odds are slim. A second hand mobo will probably be the cheaper option.

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