How many of you crashed a computer?

By Nick Lee
Oct 25, 2005
  1. How many of you crashed a computer? ... By accident or doing something stupid like overclocking the wrong way.
    You are not cool unless you crashed the same computer seven times in one and a half years. <_<..>_>..<_<.. ^_^
    I was like 9. ,But hey listen to this. I'm only 14 and i bet you that know more about computers & parts than my middle school and high school. Not say'in much...Timmonsville
  2. SOcRatEs

    SOcRatEs TechSpot Paladin Posts: 966


    Well let me tell you a very sad story. :rolleyes:
    It was late one nite, a long time ago,I was building maybe my 2nd or 3rd system ever, my first one by myself, mostly out of hand me down parts. I was so close to getting to work with 95 osr2. I had spent all the money I had at the time to fill in the missing parts. I was 5 or so hours into it, when something came over me after seeing my 15th white screen of DEATH. (for those who don't know they had not invented BSOD yet) I was convinced the box was possesed, I stripped everything out of it accept the psu and took it out to the desert.
    I cerimoniously set it against a hill, tried to summon the computer Gawds, I don't think they were listening.

    So I shot it 4 times with 4 12 gauge one ounce slugs.It handled the first two quite well but the third and fourth crashed it but good. :eek:

    It was the most satisfying crash I ever had! :hotouch:


    Jo K'ing
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