How many places to change modem speed in Vista x64?

By Debbie23
Mar 29, 2009
  1. How many different places in Vista are there to set max connection speed for fax modems?

    Trying to use Vista x64 compatible USR 5670 PCI modem to fax over VOIP.
    VOIP provider's FAQ (Future-Nine) as well as emails say reducing connection speed is most critical of all settings. They've got a list of other settings to change in the ATA, here

    I've changed port speed in two places in device mgr & in the fax software to 9600 (USR's BVRP Phone Tools). During the dialing sequence, Phone Tools still shows connection speed = 14400. Searched the registry & found only one place where modem speed was stored - it was at 9600.

    What speed it's actually using may be a moot point, since I've never been able to connect to another modem.
    After the hand shaking, a short silence, Phone Tools ALWAYS displays "Remote modem not compatible."

    Future Nine thinks it's the speed being too high for VOIP - I've no idea.

    Any tips on VOIP faxing besides where (else) to change connections speed would be appreciated.

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