How Safe is this?

By Gflo
Nov 28, 2008
  1. So I've put my Xbox 360 on the DMZ of my Router(WRT54G), then I figured out that I needed to put my router on the DMZ of my Modem. I realize than in doing that I am completely exposing my router to all forms of crap, good or bad. How safe is it really? I know my computers are fine, just if my router goes, so does my whole network.
  2. ArmyofKirb

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    "How safe is this?" famous last words...
  3. jobeard

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    safe? NOT AT ALL!

    A DMZ is an IP subnet that is open to the internet and isolated from the corporate business system(s) and LAN.
    The 'gateway' into the business systems is tightly controlled to protect them, while
    the systems in the DMZ are throw-away; ie: if infected they will be erased and rebuilt.

    A home user *may* elect to put an Xbox in a DMZ, but should never put any PCs in the DMZ.

    The network would then look like
    isp--modem--router#1 --- dmz setup---xbox
                router#2 --- normal Lan with NAT --- your PCs
    Without router#2, you're begging for problems
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