How to add stand-by Server to a Main Server?

By bnreddy
Jul 15, 2005
  1. Hi
    I have latest Server ( with Windows 2003 Server platform) with the following configuration:
    Single Intel Xeon @ 3.2Ghz /4GB PC2700 ECC RAM /1MB L2 Cache Memory/ 800 MHz FSB /72.8 GB ultra 320 @ 10KRPM Hot plug HDD /Combo Drive (DVD-ROM & CD-RW) / 1.44 MB FDD/ Internal Dat Drive/36/72 GB/ 6402 Smart Array Controller with 192 MB Cache/ HP NC 7761 Gigabit NIC / Rage XL PCI Display with 8 MB/3USB/ISP/IPP/Redundant power supply/ Integrated ultra 320 Internal Dual SCSI Controller. 17" Color Monitors (COMPAQ 7550)
    It's being run for a LAN of about 20 clients. This Server consists of Oracle database with Java Application Server running.
    I would like to add another Server with same configuration in Stand-by mode so that the data can be updated in both the systems whenever there's data updation.
    Please help me how to configure the Servers while the Main Server is in operation.
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