How to find the sound card

By Dembtist
Dec 18, 2011
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  1. Will you join me for a cup of coke? I'm not related to these "Computers" jet, so I will try my hardest to learn from this website, oh, and any tips on how to find the sound card? thank you! oh, and in system specs, what does it mean by "cooling"?
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    Hi Dembtist

    One way to find info about the "sound card" as well as other hardware and software on your machine: try running SIW tool. It will provide you lots of interesting info and detail about your machine to explore
  4. mike1959

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    Hi, The heading "cooling" will be for you to add info about any special "kit" you might have added, e.g. extra fans or a different or better heatsink/fan.
    There are several free programs you can download to give you more info about your pc, SIW is one, & I find the one called "Speccy" is useful, and in your case you will need to click on the "Audio" heading in the left hand screen, once installed.

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