How to Fully Tweak a Ti-4200 For Gaming

By Ion
Dec 25, 2002
  1. Hi, I'm really new to this forums and just discovered it now.. heh.. I'm more of a gamer type of person and very astonished on how people hit 140+FPS playing quake III. I myself would like to hit that, but I'm only getting 90+FPS. I went to 3Dspotlight website and followed all instructions on how to tweak the video card and download all drivers that I need to maximize my performance. Here is my system:
    AMD 1.3
    256 DDR
    A7N 266-C MB
    Asus Ti-4200 V9280/TD
    20 Gig WD

    And I find that on this website that there is this system that they use for bench mark, which is way less than what I have, but yet hits 140+FPS. I tried every combination there is in the book to find the perfect one.

    For any gamers out there that can help me, I would really appreciate it. Games I play are currently Counter-Strike and Quake III. But my goal now is to hit over 100 FPS on Quake III.

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