How to get a 2Wire to work as wireless router

By PCQueen56
Aug 17, 2008
  1. Hello,
    I have AT&T 2Wire DSL modem and I was told by AT &T tech that I would have to buy a router if I wanted wireless connection. Well, I brought a D-Link router and that was a nightmare. Everything was connected, but the connection would drop.
    Now I was told by a computer tech that I didn't need a router and that the 2wire is a wireless router. He was going to charge me $96.00 per hour to connect my two pc's using the 2Wire modem. Not! How do you configure the 2Wire to perform as router to have wireless connection?
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    I will be assuming that you have not changed any default settings for your 2Wire gateway. To connect wirelessly through your 2Wire, you will just need your WEP password. It can be found at the bottom of your gateway itself. It should have 10 digits. To go to your gateway homepage if you want to change some settings, just open any browser and type in "home" and press enter.
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  4. LookinAround

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    Your last post just quoted someone else. It didn't say anything.

    Find the metal tag (probably on the back of the modem) and tell us the exact model of your 2wire. I believe what you need do will matter on the model
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    How to get a 2Wire to work as a wireless router

    Some how I was trying to send a response to red, but it didn't posted. I'm new at this, so have some patient. I have a 2Wire HomePortal 1000HG, and having problems with the setup as a wireless router. Do you need any other equipment?
    Thank you
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    Look on the bottom of the 2wire for something like this


    pay attention to the brackets there will be a 10 digit code that is the wireless key code. All you have to do is enter this code when it ask you for it.
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    Pay Attention to bracket

    Thank you for your response, but what is this 10 digits number, the WEP key?
    What do you use as an access point for the 2Wire, a network card?
    Thanks again
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    The 2Wire HomePortal 1000HG is both a router and a wireless access point. You would need add a wireless card on your computer to talk to it. You can find the 2wire documentation (installation and user guides) at this link.

    Note they supply instructions if you buy a 2wire adapter for your computer and different instructions if you get a different brand
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    This is What I'm Looking For

    Thank you, LookinAround.
    I think this is solution to my problem. I will save the info.
    Thanks again
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