How to link a laptop and desktop?

By Alliance1911
Mar 29, 2008
  1. Hi i have recently added a second monitor to my desktop and has got me thinking... It is possible to link my laptop computer to my desktop computer in terms of files and monitors so for example i would on one minotr see all my desktop computer files and when i move the mouse outside of my monitor it goes onto the laptop and can use those files there... i would probably have to use an ethernet connection to link the files together on a 100mbps link cat5.. nut would it be possible?
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  3. Alliance1911

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    not what i really thought of, I am looking for something which will not copy it self onto a different computer... how do i explain this...

    think of it like this.

    1. laptop and desktop are hidden and you only see two monitors ok.
    2. 1 monitor is for laptop and 2nd for desktop
    3. the mouse would be used for the two systems
    4. i want to use the mouse the open a file on monitor one which is laptop and drag it onto monitor two so it will display on desktop computer and than i decide i want to drag it back without leaving the data on monitor two.
    5. i want to open firefox on monitor two but than want to drag it to monitor one which is laptop for easier viewing purposes.... so it will run on monitor 1 which is laptop...

    i hope you understand lol... what i ultimately want to do is keep all data the same on each system without changing it but only want to pan from monitor one and two live...
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    Oh I see not exactly copy and paste, but slide an open Firefox Window across two computers (as an example)

    I can't see this being possible, unless they were both using the same processor (which is physically impossible, unless one computer was actually just a dumb terminal ie power supply; keyboard)

    I'm also thinking on Domain controlled (like on a Server) and I suppose it may work if the laptop was not exactly opening its own programs, but programs on the Server itself (being the Desktop computer) Actually that might work!
  5. Alliance1911

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    you understand :D

    I was hoping it would be possible, i love the idea of doing work on two or more monitors on one system...
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    Yes but my idea of a Domain server, would really mean that both screens were in fact comming from the same computer (the Server), except the laptop would also be seeing one of the screens (also working from the Server)

    By the way, I have no idea how to do this. I still think remote access (with full control) would be easier. Except you could not drag Firefox (Data yes) but not programs.
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