How to multiboot linux distros from different drive on Itanium based server

By usha_mg
May 29, 2008
  1. hello all,
    I'm facing problem to bootup OS installed on different drives on my rx2660 HP integrity server.
    System F/w :3.01 {4739]
    BMC version:5.21
    MP version :F.02.17

    I have 3 hard drives on my server. I created Raid 0 on all the drives as below:-
    LD #1 Raid 0 146GB (dev/cciss/c0d0)
    LD #2 Raid 0 73GB (dev/cciss/c0d1)
    LD #3 Raid 0 73GB (dev/cciss/c0d2)
    I installed Rhat5.1 on LD1(c0d0).After finish installation, i could see the RHat5.1 boot entry on the EFI boot manager and I could boot up. Then I installed RH4(c0d1) and Suse10(c0d2) on my other 2 drives. Installation was completed successsfully but when it reboot after installation complete, I can't boot up to the OS installed on other drives although the boot entry of Rhat4 and Suse 10 appears at EFI boot manager.When i select the entry(Rhat 4 or Suse 10) it says file not found.
    When I boot up to Rhat5.1, installed on the 1st drive and mount c0d1 to /mnt/floppy, i could see the files that has been installed on other drives.

    Then I tried installing RH4 on the same drive on different partition on LD1 (C0d0) and i can successfully multiboot.I could also install Suse10 and boot if I install on the 1st drive different partition.
    I'm not sure why I cannot setup multiboot when I install the OS on separate drives. Is there anything I need to do for the EFI boot manager to detect my other drives?

    Even at EFI shell, when I switched to fs3: I only can find the files installed on the 1st drive.
    I need to setup multiboot from OS installed from different drives but I only can do multiboot from 1 drive now..
    Any help on this is much appreciated.
    How the EFI boot manager load the OS?
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