How to set up LAN to play Command and Conquer Red Alert II

By marynastrydom
Nov 28, 2011
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  1. I have been trying to set up LAN to play command and conquer red alert II for years now. Recently i found out that the game is too old to load on Vista. I now have a PC with XP and one with windows 2000. I managed to load the game on both and have set up the network (IP) between the two PC's. Can you please assist me in setting up the network (IPX/SPX) on the game itself, because I do not know what to insert there.
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    Just answered a similar question regarding Tiberium Sun here which should apply to you too. I cannot assist you directly but the C&C community I linked may be able to help you with more depth even though LAN isn't their main goal or at least I hope.

    [Updated] Found this post which should give you more of an idea on what to do.

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