How To Solve Some Nasty Viruses

By strac27
Aug 30, 2008
  1. Well the first thing I do is either get AVG or Norton for an antivirus and AVG is free as well as Low cpu,ram hunger so it will perform faster than norton and I ALWAYS update every day some times twice because AVG misses some stuff out when I update but it might be different for you anyways do that and here is some good free tojan and rootkit killers for you:

    :-ClamWinPortable(good for scanning pc from USB)
    :-Jkdefrag(use this to defrag HDD's its better than windows defragger)
    :-wmware workstation(install XP on this and it will act as a second pc that wont affect the main system so download and do everything on that its reccomend by loads of XP users even I use it and you can have ANY OS on it)
    :- Kerio
    :- Panda Antirootkit
    :-windows defender
    :- Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware
    :-spyware blaster
    :- Avira AntiVir Personal - Free Antivirus

    But if that dont work for killing the virus or whatever you have just ask a friend if you can borrow the pc to check for virus's but never put the HDD in and do a update for the virus scanner because some virus's can change the file that can find them so it's like a radar but cant find the enemy because its taken itself away from the radar but still keeps active ok so update the virus scanner first and then put the HDD in and do a virus scan ok and if that don't help you the sorry but all I could reccomend after all that is a complete format and reinstall XP because some virus's just don't give up but if anyone can add another way to get the persistant guy then please do post to help xp users keep safe.
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