How to use monitor as television

By xquizyt
Apr 6, 2008
  1. My 13" tube tv just went out. It currently sits directly next to my 19" flat panel. I'm not ready to purchase a new tv just yet. Need to get a laptop first. Is there a way I can run my cable into the computer and then be able to watch on my monitor?
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    Wow. thanks so much...
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    You're welcome ;).
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    This Could Be Worth a Look Also......

    Here's an external "dongle" type tuner that I've been eyeballing.

    It also comes with some Arc-Soft "Total Media" software that previous buyers seem very happy with.
    Anyway it's worth a look. The external type tuners are kind of neat since you can just pack up and move it easily to the next computer. This unit has a standard 75 ohm "F" connector input (hooks up right to an antenna) and not some proprietary thing-a-ma-bob.

    I have no personal experience with K-world's products, so someone might want to ring in and share their's.

    NO ANALOG TV with this unit digital only, you've been told. It does support High-Def though!
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