HP Deskjet 656c help

By second_wind
May 28, 2008
  1. ok so just today I plugged in my hp deskjet 656c printer into my vista laptop. I looked for drivers online and they said that there's no need for a driver as vista will provide it for me.

    I plugged it in then the usual found new hardware stuff comes out. I have the printer's cd driver here but I'm not sure if it's compatible with vista (it doesn't say so in the cd as it's old).. I allowed vista to deal with it first coz the hp page said that vista will provide the driver for me...Well, it didn't so I put in the cd driver then allowed vista to install the driver from there. It installed ok.

    Now, when I try to print stuff, the printer systray icon comes out and I notice it say something like: "printing.." then later "deleting.." It just won't print the pdf im trying to print.

    I checked to see if I can reinstall the driver but when I go to appwiz.cpl, it is not listed there. I'm stumped. Would appreciate anyone's assistance on this. thanks.
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