Hp desktop fan loud noise

By 2Aces
Feb 17, 2016
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  1. Hey guys I recently my computer has been extremely loud and when I opened it up the processor fan is making a ton of noise, any way to fix this without dropping a large sum of money at a tech store?
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  4. It is possible if the Fan is not totally dead but the advice would be replace with new, but not knowing your circumstances or where you are this is how you can repair.

    You need some very light oil (Sew machine or at worse 3 in 1 I.e. a very light oil (it is easier to apply via a wide bore hypodermic)
    a Scalpel, and a small Phillips screwdriver) and some heat paste.(buy off ebay)

    Obviously start with computer off, remove fan and heat sink from computer, remove heatsink from fan with screwdriver, on one side of fan small circular sticker peel up VERY carefully (you want to put it back after) drop a little literally drops!! of oil in to the end that you have uncovered, turn fan around with finger to start with to work the oil in if it all disappears apply a little more then with a 12 volt supply connecting the right way around power the fan for a while making sure it's running free, stop fan top up hole recover with sticker replace and there you go. but keeping your computer clean inside is essential.
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    Thank you for the responses I am not so tech savvy and it means a lot to me.

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