HP LJ P4014 restarts large printjobs in the middle

By TechFee
Oct 17, 2012
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    Hello, I have an issue I cant resolve with a networked HP LJ P4014 - (PC is Win 7 32 bit). Any time we try to print a larger PDF (anything over like 10 pages) the print job will get about 75 % of the way, error out, then restart printing the same file. Almost like it runs out of memory. Smaller paged jobs go through fine. I’ve noticed a 4 meg pdf, when I watch the print queue, it sends over 70 megs of data. ( Other XP machines can print the same file to the 4014 with no problem (ie7 – Win XP sp3 ))Things I've tried with the printer:

    -replacing toners - was getting a 10.10 supply error with the previous toner - not current toner

    -upgraded printer firmware

    -power cycled and pulled cat5 and power plug.

    Things I tried with with PC:

    - upgraded Adobe reader

    -downgrade IE from 9 to 8

    -downgraded Adobe reader from 10 to 9 - removed Adobe and installed Foxit reader (same issue)

    -removed and reinstalled printer on PC - Tried every driver from HP ,even universal - manually installed printer and installed through search wizard

    - installed MS Silverlight

    - made sure bidirectional printing was unchecked

    -stopped and restarted print spooler

    I'm a tech and I'm stumped and I hate it. I haven’t contacted HP yet because I think the warranty just ended. I'm think it has to do with something with the printer memory or a printer setting I don’t know about. Any help would be much appreciated

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