HP omnibook xe3 bios password help

By max_gee
Jun 28, 2007
  1. riceguy

    riceguy TS Rookie


    not working... any other suggestions?
  2. bad_mood

    bad_mood TS Rookie

    Champ :( the two passwords you gave me didn't work
    my hashcode 16208
  3. champ

    champ Banned


    i have give you a lot of tips via email but when a laptop dont have a hash code anymore there is something wrong at the motherboard and i have give you some tips and when it not works the laptop is dead sorry for you.:darth:
  4. i need help too

    i need help too

    my HP Omnibook 6000 has a bios password, that i've forgotten, and the hash is 09358

    thanks for help
  5. existenz404

    existenz404 TS Rookie

    Password foor omnibook 6100

    please help me

    i have a omnibook 6100 witth hash 13141 and cannot get into the bios any more after i put the password to clear in the bios

    thanks alot
  6. willywortel

    willywortel TS Rookie

    hey predator25 plz can you give me a pass

    My Hascode is 00568
    HP NX9010

  7. champ

    champ Banned

    when you want a pass for free

    when you want a pass ask predator25 and wait.
  8. champ

    champ Banned

    the password cost 15$sorry but i have upgrade the dongle

    the password cost 15$sorry but i have upgrade the dongle and it cost me money
    you can pay wkit paypal whit your hash code too email removed
  9. hpgl

    hpgl TS Rookie

    may be you have non-HP laptop? You never said exact model of your computer.

  10. hpgl

    hpgl TS Rookie

    I never hear about dongle for that :)
    It just a program from HP probably, which used to calculate master passwords from 5 digit code. So I think you decided to collect some money :)

  11. mossup

    mossup TS Rookie

    hello again, i have a HP NX9005, hash code is 06000, pleeeeeeease help ;-)
  12. champ

    champ Banned

    HPGL when you now it??why ask me??

    and make some money 15$ is 10euro wow thats a lot of money :wave:
    look where you can buy the program whitout a dongle counter and let me now.
    i have done 20 or 25 for free and when i have my money back its again free
    and its olso on me when i ask 15$ or not;)and i see that you have help guys why
    are you stopping this service????????
  13. kenny_55

    kenny_55 TS Rookie

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