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By TechM633
May 14, 2013
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  1. Question for everyone. I work as a bench tech for a local computer store. I repair and build build computers as well as consult with customers about their computers. I have been told that HP support assistant is actually useful software. At risk of sounding ignorant, I have always been under the impression that it was pretty much junk software from HP and removed it along with a lot of other junk software that comes with the new computers like PDF complete, Norton Internet Security (60-day trial), etc.

    But I have a couple guys here though that are swearing up and down that HP Support assistant works better when trying to get drivers for a new HP computer, rather than just going straight to HP's website because, "HP's website doesn't have the most updated drivers". I am having a hard time swallowing this, so I thought I would ask around. What say ye? I would appreciate some answers! :)
  2. KathyJ

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    I can't really say personally yet because I haven't had my computer but 2 months. But, if it is software that has been installed on HP computers for years, then I haven't missed it because I have been purchasing HP computers for a long time. When I got this one, I searched the programs I was suspicious of, and HP Support Assistant, was one of them. Everything I read leaned more toward "didn't need it" so I uninstalled it. Time will tell I guess but their web site has always worked for me in the past when I needed drivers, etc.
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    I did the same for my first Toshiba and again now for my Dell upgrade.

    Go to Services and disable any/all that contain {Dell, Toshiba, HP, ...}

    You can always go to the vendors website to get drivers and updates manually.

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