HP w6000

By Kijana
Jun 22, 2011
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  1. Hi there, i have a hp w6000, 1.7ghz, 1gb ram, 18gb SCSI hdd. The problem is that when i press the power switch on, the power LED just blinks red and the psu fan at the back spins for less than 1cm and stops. I need to know if its the processor or the mobo that is the problem and if its repairable. By the way it should be having two cpus but was working fine with one. Thanks.
  2. Mark56

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    According to the specs of this PC you have an Intel Zeon processor and there is only one of them. No PC I know of has two CPU's, you may be confusing this with Dual Core, what you have is a variation of that. If one core of this particular CPU has failed I doubt the CPU would ever work.

    Looking at your symptons I would first be checking the PSU, swapping it with another PSU would be a quick way to prove if the PSU has failed.

    Do you get any beep codes when you try to boot?

    One test you can try is to remove everything from the motherboard and disconnect all external hardware,keyboard, speakers, etc. Remove the Ram, disconnect all hard drives, any cards that are connected to the motherboard and CD drives. All you should have connected is the motherboard with CPU and cooler and the PSU. You should get a continuous beep when you switch on.
  3. Kijana

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    The PSU is 24pin and 6pin and i cant get one to swap with, therefore i've taken it to someone who can do some diagnistics on it. This pc has primary and secondary processors.

    As for the beeps, its absolutely silent. I will disconnect the devices and test the mobo when i get the psu, then post the result.


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