HTC Hero's Sense UI leaked, running on G1

By Jos
Jun 30, 2009
  1. HTC unveiled its Hero smartphone earlier this week, but the highlight of the launch was not so much the device itself as it was the custom Android interface it ran. Nicknamed Sense, the new interface brings added capabilities such as Flash support, an expanded Home screen with unique HTC widgets and tighter integration with social-networking tools like Twitter and Facebook. Unfortunately, due to licensing restrictions, it won’t be heading to any Google-branded phones like T-Mobile’s G1 and myTouch 3G.

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  2. I doubt the auto-rotate feature will ever work for the G1 - it doesn't have an accelerometer!
  3. Ugh... where have you been?
  4. Actually, the G1 has an accelerometer. I'm running JesusFreke's ADP1.51 build with the Hero theme. My home screen's auto-rotate feature works just fine. Also, most apps support auto-rotate without having to flash or root the phone (Steel browser, Bubble, and most, if not all, default apps on 1.5).
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