HTML\Framer virus - false positive?

By gubar
Feb 29, 2008
  1. Hi,

    AVG recently found 3 of these on my system which it could not remove, located in internet explorer's temporary internet files folder (odd, I barely use it). It had no additional part to the name to suggest it was a similar one which contains "f*uck off" in it's title; I googled it and deleted my temp files in ie, which I think got rid of it.

    I've scanned and it seems to be gone; other searches have suggested it is a false positive (or just a remnant of an attempt that was blocked). The one that contains the above expletive is the real one I think.

    Just to be sure, is there anything I can do here to check - like a hijack this log or anything?


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    run the exercise to be sure it's all gone. An ounce of prevention is worth ...
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