Hulu touts over 3m subscribers, revenue jumps 65% to $695m

By Matthew
Dec 17, 2012
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  1. With 2013 on the horizon, Hulu has revealed some statistics about its performance over the last year, not least of which is a 65% boost in revenue to $695 million -- a solid follow-up on 2011's 60% increase. Part of...

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  2. 9Nails

    9Nails TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,212   +174

    Good job Hulu!

    Streaming video content is pretty much how I watch TV these days. No longer am I paying for cable service or waiting until <someday> at 8:00 PM to watch a show. I just browse through the list and pick a TV series or movie that matches the mood that I'm in for.

    I wonder if it's a time for a comparison between Hulu, Netflix, Redbox, BlockBuster, and Amazon Prime for streaming content deliver? (Any others that I miss?) Oh, I'm sure there's room for all of those to coexist, but I'm wondering if there's one greater than the other, or are they all about the same in what they do?

    IAMTHESTIG TS Evangelist Posts: 956   +273

    I'm not paying for commercials. Thanks anyway.

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