I am looking for a desktop replacement. Ideas?

By ir0nli0nzi0n
Oct 2, 2009
  1. Hey Techspot guys, I am currently looking for a new computer. I was looking into building a new rig for gaming, web-browsing, word processing, etc. I have had some wonderful feedback so far, but after talking to the wife, she said she would like to get a laptop so we could use it anywhere. I am looking for any ideas on a reliable desktop replacement, without spending a fortune (Alienwares are nice, but several thousand seems a bit excessive) Do any of you out there know of any affordable gaming laptops, or a place where a decent barebones/ buildable/customizable laptop can be found? Thanks in advance
  2. raybay

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    So far Alienware have been pure trouble.
    You can expect to like any of this in the upper third of the price range... below that, and you don't have a good game machine that will last: Dell, Gateway, Toshiba, HP. Avoid Sony, Compaq, Alienware if you want reliability. A high end Dell is worth the money. It is the low cost laptops that are trouble for what you describe... You need quality components, multiple fans, good distribution of cooling air, and lots of memory.
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