I cant log in into my computer

By kizigenza
Oct 9, 2009
  1. im sory,i posted a question on the introduction forum.i hope you will help.i did a repair on my computer which is using window xp but at the middle of the process a blank screen appears without message with a cursor on the center.please help me ideas on how to login in without formatting my computer.
    hope to hear from you soon.
  2. Kcircyrd

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    You must tell us a lot more about your computer brand, model, and configuration.
    Tell us more about "... I did a repair on my computer which is using Window XP but at the middle of the process a blank screen appears..."

    We need to know more about what you are doing before we can provide much help... What sort of repair to fix what? What Service Pack version of Windows XP from what source?

    Formatting is often the best way to repair some issues. Why do you not want to do this? Is it software?
  3. kizigenza

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    Thanx for computer is dell inspiron 2200, service pack 3,version 2002 and its service tag is 1H4TW1J.sudenly,i was not hearing sound when i played music but it has sound drivers.thought it was virus.i scaned it but the problem was still there.finally, i decided to repair it at the middle of the process a blank screen appears with a cursor on center and the xp cd stop.i dont want to format because i will loose my documents and i dont have any backup.i am working on a company known as planetel communication limited.i hope to hear from you soon.
  4. Kcircyrd

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    Sorry! I have been gone.
    If you have not yet resolved this problem, you can run a fix that is successful
    If you have a Windows Install disk, whether Dell or other Windows, but it works best with the Windows disk that was first used to install Windows.
    You boot to the Windows Disk, then go through the screens until you get offered the choice to install Windows XP using R for Repair Mode. Do NOT use Repair Console. Look specifically for the "R for Repair"
    This will enable you to repair your Windows files, setups, and Windows XP programs without harming any of your files or setup. This usually works unless you have unusually heavy corruption or other issues.

    It is ALWAYS wise to backup your important files before you do this, as some corrupted files could damage your existing data... but that is usually not the case. You are doing the backup as a precaution.

    If you cannot fine the "R for Repair" selection, let us know and we will get the exact details.

    With A Dimension 2200, your Windows Disk will be Service Pack 1 or 1a. You can contact Dell and ask that they send you a Dell Windows XP installl disk. They will send you a Windows XP Service Pack 3 that will only work on that computer. In your country, you may have to pay a small shipping fee. In the USA it is less than 14 dollars US.

    With a Dell Dimension that old, it is possible that the hard drive has begun to fail. If that is the case, do not spend too much time trying to repair it, as that could make it fail more rapidly.
    You would then need a new hard drive, then install your current hard drive in an external enclosure or in the drive bay jumpered as slave with the new drive already installed with Windows XP and jumpered as Master. Then you can drag and drop all your files to the new setup... however you will need the individual program install disks to setup the programs initially.
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