I cant watch videos

By jdmnino
Mar 2, 2008
  1. On my laptop Im having problems watching video clips. I'll click on a video link and push play but it doesnt play the video. The link is good, is there something on my laptop like javascript not playing the video? I was able to watch before now maybe for the past 2 weeks I cannot.
  2. broken_biker69

    broken_biker69 TS Rookie

    Hey try typing java player in google and see if u can dl a newer version if that doesnt work shut your popup blocker off if u have one on and see if u get a pop up warning you it wont play or somthing...... give it a go i hope u find somthing good luck
  3. jdmnino

    jdmnino TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Could it due to the Kaspersky Internet Security that I installed?
  4. broken_biker69

    broken_biker69 TS Rookie


    well yeah and if u installed it around the same time it stopped working well then u should start by going to its properties and making sure it alows the programs u are trying to run ....... run and do thier thang lol good luck
  5. Pesh

    Pesh TS Rookie

    are you trying to watch on a website or in your WMP?
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