I keep getting dsound.dll error messages

By lyricalsdream
Apr 16, 2008
  1. I am running Windows XP Professional, 2.4 GHz Intel Celron processor, 40GB Ultra DMA hard drive. I have WMP11 and I have no sound. I have sound on aol, real player, and quicktime. I have customized my media player and selected RTP once and then QTP. Both times once I selected a media player as default, that media player would no longer have sound. I tried doing a repair on Windows XP, but when my computer restarted, I got the error message ALCXMNTR.EXE Bad Image
    c\WINDOWS\system32\DSOUND.dll is not a valid Windows image.Please check this against your installation diskette. I have tried updating directx, but I get an error message during installation. I would welcome any ideas at this point.
  2. Tmagic650

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    Try a clean install of XP
  3. rev_olie

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  4. lyricalsdream

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    how do I do that?
    by the way, I downloaded HJT today, not sure really what to do with it, but i saw it keep coming up in discussions.
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