I must Have Made a Wrong Turn at Skylake...

  1. I'm considering an i3 Skylake build. One of these should be more of an improvement over my Ivy Bridge Core i3, than the enthusiast Skylake parts are over the existing Broadwell E.

    In any event, Newegg has plenty of LGA-1150 Core i3 parts in stock, and none of the new i3's. They show 6 part numbers of Skylake quad core parts available.

    So, what happened to the new Pentium & i3 numbers? They're supposedly released as of the beginning of September 2015.

    If you'll allow me to strap on my tinfoil hat for a moment, to speculate if Newegg & others are trying to dump the earlier 13 parts, before stocking the Skylake numbers..:confused:

    Now the kicker. Walmart :eek: is advertising this i3 Skylake part: as being available from them...!

    Any comments, info, or theories would be appreciated.:)
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    Why not look for an Ivy Bridge i5? That would be an improvement as well, but then I know you know this. You must be looking to add a machine to the CaptainCranky Arsenal.
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    My builds are going to be quite eccentric by the standards of most of the guys here at TS.. But for what I do, a dual core w / HT is more than plenty.

    I have Sandy & Ivy i3 rigs, but, (at least the Sandy i3), won't allow me to throw 1080p to the TV without blowing up all kinds of warnings about CPU damage, and wants me to drop the res to 720p.

    So, after checking the price of DDR4 and the current prices of SSD's. along with a substantial improvements via Intel's newest 530 IGP package, I figure I should be able to, "ride the tiger" so to speak, at a mere 47 watts TDP. The fastest new i3 runs @ 3.8 Ghz. For single & dual thread apps, it likely would skin most main stream i5's alive.

    I'm not a gamer, so IGP isn't a non-starter for me.

    Tell me what you think. :)
  4. cliffordcooley

    cliffordcooley TS Guardian Fighter Posts: 8,549   +2,894

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