i need a 3D accelerator card with duel-TMU support

By harukipwnsyou
Jun 10, 2006
  1. hello all i need help i was installing world of warcraft and then after instalation a message apeared: your 3D accelerator card is not supported by world of warcraft please install a dual-TMU support. i dont even know what this is! please if you know or know of a web adress i could find this at i would be very greatful. my e-mail thank-you.see the thing is i was playing on my comp with no problem but i just came up here to visit my mother and brought my WOW dics and installed them and that message appeared and i didnt know nothing about it so please e-mial me the information if you know ANYTHING.
  2. harukipwnsyou

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  3. harukipwnsyou

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  4. CrossFire851

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    Give us your full system specs. or if it is an oem (Dell, GateWay,HP,etc ) computer, then give us the model number.

    Go Here and follow those steps.

    Also do not bump a thread unless it goes unanswered within 24-32 hours. Please follow guidelines. The MODs don't like it. (Nor do I),But it is no big.
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