I need a HQ PSU $150+

By dustin_ds3000
Nov 30, 2009
  1. i looking for a PSU that will last a very long time and is at lest 700W. it will go into a Coolermaster HAF 32 so the cables will have to be long and Modular. i dont run a Multi-GPU system now but i plan to when i upgrade to Core i9
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    The Corsair 750 HX 750W PSU should be sufficient depending on which cards you would like to run on a multi-GPU setup. It comes at $149.99 after mail-in rebate.

    To be on the safest side (considering you might run more than 2 very power hungry cards) you should look into the 850HX like klepto suggested above or more. But they would be quite expensive.
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    thankz for the suggestions the 850HX will be the PSU i will buy in a couple of days on newegg.
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