I need help with a laptop

By Rik
Aug 27, 2006
  1. Hi all, i have a laptop that i cant get to work properly.

    Its a Toshiba Satellite 1100 model No ps110e-000f7-en/s1100-z3.

    I have so far determined that it is definitely a hardware issue and not software.

    It will power itself randomly and when it does so it corrupts data on the hard drive.

    While the os was still working i tried speedfan to check temps but it wasn't compatible with the chip set. All it could tell me was that the hdd was healthy.

    I believe its either a heat related or power related problem. It shuts down on battery power as well as mains power.

    I have no problem with getting right inside it if anyone knows of a common problem with this machine of if anyone has any idea on what to check out.

    I'm an experienced electronics qc inspector so I'm quite happy to test and/ or solder potential problems, i however have no experience with laptops and wouldn't know where to begin.

    All help will be greatfully received.
  2. Tedster

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    try replacing the battery and power supply. Check the Power supply to see if it supplying the proper DC voltage and amps, if not replace it. If you have done both, then the problem is internal.
  3. Rik

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    Checked the power supply with volt meter and battery with both volt meter and digital charger and both are fine. I'm already sure the problem is internal as it shuts off on mains and on battery randomly.
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