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By Jo3m4m4
Jan 12, 2004
  1. Hi. There is this really annoying V I R U S that won't let me type the word V I R U S. Everyone tells me its the Retarded h4x0r or something. I tried to download these antivirus programs and I tried Norton but they all seem to close when I open them. Also, when my friends give me links to Anti V I R U S programs, the download closes itself. I can't think of anymore things to do and I would really appreciate your help. Thanks!
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    Try booting up in safe mode. And then running the antivirus software. If the virus hasn't infected your boot sector which seems rare these days, it has infected a startup file or is loaded by your os on startup. Booting in safe mode may prevent that which should allow you to run your antivirus software.

    I've only been infected once by some stupid "haha" virus about 10 years ago. It created a folder called "ha" on my c drive. In that folder was another folder called "ha" and so on and so on for ever.

    I never noticed it until I ran scan disk and it would hang while checking the file structure. Gee I wonder why??? I had to resort to formatting my hard drive on that one. Hope you have better luck.
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    Wow! Thanks. It worked but now I have to actually get rid of the virus and thats easy. Thanks for all your help everybody!!!! :DDD
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